These words were uttered by Job after he had lost everything, but before the Lord had given everything he lost, plus more, back to Job! 

If I was asked to endure what Job endured in the year 2016, I can picture my Facebook status, “Really?” Capturing the frustration and disbelief of having lost everything that I owned, my entire family, and then getting sick to boot. That 6 letter word with an ? shows the absolute dumbstruck feeling of loosing everything. 

However, had Job been alive today his Facebook status may have been, “Really!” This 6 letter word with an !, show what he exhibited through the entirety of his life… A trust and belief that God was in charge and that none of this took God by surprise. He was going to keep his trust and faith in God!

I am not sure where you are at today, but I know that times are incredibly strenuous for a lot of people. No matter where you are today, change the end of your sentence to an ! – showing your absolute faith, dependence, and belief that God can REALLY do anything!