The Sooner, The Better!

Earlier this fall, my family and I were blessed with a trip to Florida. So many things happened to us along the journey, I could write about them for days. But I would like to share with you an amazing moment. 

We were taken to a restaurant at Disney’s Wild Kingdom, it is a restaurant showcasing the cousine of South Africa and the influences of food culture from around the world there. After the meal, we walked out to the center grounds of the restaurant and hotel. You see it was built with a large center courtyard. In the courtyard roamed Giraffes, Wildabeasts, Birds, Water Buffalo, Huge Tortoises, various kinds of “Deer”, beautiful “African” Landscape – it was truly awesome. 

While we were gazing, a young man who worked for Disney came to us and began to talk about his home country of Botswana. He was in his young 20’s and very smart and educated. His name translated to English meant Days. As Days was talking about his country, I asked a very simple question – “Is Botswana a Christian or Muslim Nation?” Days response was priceless. He looked at my family and my friends family and said, “There is only one true religion, and that is a personal relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – and His name is Jesus!” To meet a brother from Botswana – INCREDIBLE!

We stood there and prayed together and laughed and hugged! It was like a family reunion! Then something amazing happened. He told my wife and I to look up the verse Ex. 23:20. Not knowing our particular circumstances in life right then, it was like Jesus was reading our mail. 

Brought to tears, we were totally awe struck that God would take us over 1,300 miles to speak into our lives. I guess we shouldn’t, but both honored and loved by our Heavenly Father is sometimes breathtaking! 

The journey my family is on is still not solid. All of questions and fear of the unknown, but this I know and I am confident of – I AM has prepared a way and will not leave us alone!

For I know this…

“I AM” will protect you and I! “I AM” will lead you and I! “I AM” has a promise for you and I, that He will lead you and I to a place that He has prepared for for us. And He will do it Safely! As we follow Him, love Him, trust Him, and obey Him – watch “I AM” do amazing things in our lives! 

It is really simple – Follow Him, Love Him, Trust Him, Obey Him – and then WATCH Him!

Not sure where you are on your journey today. If you are like me you may feel a million miles away from that beautiful spot that you long to be. Just know this, you are not alone! So why not start your new journey today to the place that He has prepared for you! The sooner the better!