Never Alone and Happy 241st Bday USMC!

I really love to read stories and watch movies and hear of the exploits of our United States Military! I never enlisted, due to the call to go into full time ministry, but grew up “behind the fence” of an U.S. Air Firce Base. I remember one morning in my 6th Grade year being awoken early in the morning due to a squad of US Marines running down our street. It was awesome! 

One of the thing about our Armed Forces is they never go into a situation or come out of the same situation alone. They do not leave a brother behind. They are never forgotten. It is part of their ethos. Their DNA. Their Creed. Their promise to each other. 

Much like a promise found in Psalm 9:10…

If you are feeling alone, discouraged, forgotten, maybe even steps away from death (emotionally, spiritually, physically) and feel as though no one is there for you… Be encouraged today! You are never alone!

I have a friend who serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a part of the United States Marine Corp Special Forces, now retired. He unfortunately saw several fellow Brothers  loose their life in service to our country. Talking with him after he first came back to the states, I asked, “How do you cope? How do you forget?” He reply was astounding! “You cope by remembering!” He rolled his sleeves up to show several signs that he bore for each of his brothers. “You never forget! Even though they are gone, they are still right here (touched his arms) and right here (placed his hand over his heart)!”

In a similar fashion, Christ bore the marks of His love for us by enduring the Cross of Calvary. And today his word promises us that he will not abandon us, Ever!

You are Never Alone!