Going Deeper…

Special Treat…My wife wrote this! Man it is good stuff! Thanks Babe for sharing your heart with us all! I Love You!


When I think of going deeper, I imagine digging a large whole in the ground. I am one who doesn’t mind getting dirty. I’m the girl who would rather get dirt under my nails then wear gardening gloves. It makes me feel strong and I can look down at my hands and know I made a difference. Even if that difference is as small as digging a whole to plant a few flowers.


When I am digging deeper into the ground, at first I feel strong and proud, but depending on how deep I have to go, I can begin to get tired and overwhelmed.

This makes me think of my life journey with Jesus. When things get hard, or I don’t understand the journey He has me on, I am typically very strong. “We got this Jesus, you and me together no problem!” And I am good for a while.

BUT THEN IT HAPPENS… I get tired and overwhelmed! I start to doubt that I can do this! I allow the negativity of the enemy to seep into my thoughts. It becomes easier to not read my Bible, or talk to Him that day. I grow weary, my calluses hurt, I just don’t want to today Jesus.

And then I hear Him say, I want to go deeper!”

I can’t go deeper Jesus, I have gone far enough, now it hurts, I am exhausted and I don’t know if I have anything left.”

I want to go deeper, He says to my heart.

How is that even possible Lord?”

Because my yoke is easy and my burden is light! Because I see you, I see your hurt and I see your pain. I see your future and the plans I have for you! Let me take you deeper!”

Yes Lord, but how?”

By trusting in me! Allowing me to do a work in you that will hurt and it will be hard, BUT, oh my child, the reward is breathtaking! The relationship that will grow between us will be beautiful! The beauty that will come from me taking you deeper will be indescribable! Trust me my daughter, I promise it will be worth it!!”

And then, as I trust Him to take me deeper, I know that I will be able to look inside my heart and unlike the dirty hands from digging into the earth, my heart will beat ever so strong and pure! My life will be a reflection of Him, and the flowers will bloom once again!


Will you let him take you deeper? Will you allow there to be beauty in the hurt and the hardness of life?

Today I choose to go deeper! Will you go with me, better yet – with Him?

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