Easter, what a day!

This Easter is a lot different today than the last 18 Easters! This year, I am a volunteer at church – and what a great day it’s been. This morning I got up to go a serve at the information booth at my church. I was filling in for a person that was not able to make it today for the 9:00 AM service. Now here is where the day gets good…

I got up at 6:15 to leave at 7:30 to go to my mom’s graveside before service. You see, Easter was a one of our favorite holiday’s together. Well I got out to my car to a REALLY FLAT TIRE! So I drove to the nearest gas station to put air in the tire, that was a 15 minute mile drive. After putting air in the tire, I decide I need to go to Walmart to get a can of “Fix-A-Flat”. I do that and get to church with sticky gross hands, but ready to serve! Then I discover that the position was filled for the info booth. So off to my mom’s graveside.

When I pull up there is a man named Ron there visiting his wife on this beautiful Easter Morning. The Holy Spirit jumps on me to pray for him. As Ron makes his way back to his car, I politely engage him in conversation and find out that he and his wife served a combined 40+ years in the United States Air Force. He retired in 1978. Ron and Jean have 2 kids, 3 granddaughters, and 4 grand dogs! Jean died 2 years ago. Today Ron will spend Eatser alone. As our conversation winds down, “Ron, can I pray for you friend?”  ‘Sure.’ So we pray for our family’s and our day. As tears trickle down our cheeks, I uttered “Amen.”

‘Thank you for your prayer. I needed that today.’

“No Ron, I needed that. Thank you!”

As I walked down the hill to see a friends dads grave sight that is buried near my mom…Happy Easter Whearty’s! I make it to my mom graveside…

Remember I said that Easter was a special day for mom and I. You see my mom heard me preach only once. Sunrise service on Easter Sunday in 1999. 10 years before she would pass on to be with Jesus. As I stood before her grave… The thought became so real…

“The Tomb IS EMPTY!”

My tire being empty of air all of a sudden didn’t matter, because the Tomb is EMPTY!

Now I have not been in church service yet. I haven’t hugged my kids yet. I haven’t had the goose bumps from a great church experience. But, I experienced the realization, in a personal and real way, that the tomb is EMPTY! Jesus and mom are dancing today. The glorious light that heaven has today is something I cannot even imagine, but I love trying to. The Tomb is EMPTY!

Thank you Jesus for defeating death, hell, and the grave!

Thank you Mom for introducing me to Jesus!

I Love You Both!

Easter, – what a day!