Putting Feet to Faith…

I was recently in a conversation with a group of Christ Followers, the conversation lent itself to going inward as a Christ Follower. The statement was made that we as Christ Followers need to put “Feet to our Faith”. I thought about this statement a lot over the last couple of weeks. Then today, it came into perspective for me in a real and authentic way…

Feet to Faith

Today, after my family went to church together this morning to “1st Service”, I headed over to a different church across town. 2nd service was at a completely new and fresh church, that I have never been to ever. This visit was inspired simply because one of the young men in my very first small group ever, is now on staff. I was in his world today, not my world. All of a sudden I was back in 1994, hanging with Jr. High kids, showing up at their games, See You At The Pole, hauling these kids from one end of Omaha to the other. It was right today. It was good today.

I got to simply watch one of “my kids” flourish in the ministry that Jesus had given him, using gifts Jesus has given him; simply to spread the Gospel in a different part of our “small” nearly 1,000,000 people Metro-plex! It was awesome! Ironically, the Pastor that preached, used the title – “Defining Moments”. I couldn’t help but think that today was another “Defining Moment” in my journey.

You see those long nights of Jr. High Ministry paid off. This young man is living his dream in worship and music, and he is in love with Jesus as much as ever. My heart left “2nd Service” full and happy; satisfied that my life was and is still being used for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! A quick reminder of what Paul said…

Acts 20:24 (NLT), “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God!”

All the small groups, the Sunday School classes, the parties, the all-nighters, the drives, the retreats, the Cokes, and maybe even an ice cream cone or two. They were all worth it . They were clearly the feet to the faith in those early years of serving students in my home church. Good years, strong years; years that I wouldn’t exchange for anything! Years that I am grateful to have shared with some awesomely talented and called students!

Drew, thanks for keeping your feet to the Faith that you learned about years ago. It is incredible watching you do ministry with Passion and Love! I am so proud of you and even more grateful to be able to watch in this time in your life! I Love You Bro!

Jesus, thank you for helping me to learn that sometimes my feet have to log a few miles, but it is worth it – to see Faith walking on! I Love You! Thank you for loving me! And thank you for loving Drew! Thanks for using us both in different ways, at different times; but nevertheless the Faith we share has feet and is still to this day walking!