Our life of 12 Stones!

My family starts our journey to our new home back in MA today. It has been a year long journey with many more upsides than downsides. So many people have come alongside our family and have helped set up these stones with us to remember what God has done!

As we start “our” new, our desire is to remember where we have come from and not forget that God is the one that got us this far! The dreams and victories, along with the valleys and hard times are all part of what God has for all of us. The journey was sweet and hard, great and vigorous, blessed and challenging, but worth it all! We are so grateful to God!

Today we think of the the twelve stones that Joshua set up in the river, he said something really amazing…

“Let these stones be a reminder to the next generation of when God…”

Our prayer for us and for you today…

“God let our lives be stones of remembrance for all people to see and remember that God Can and He Will because we remember when He did!”