Your Name or His?

Does the name Lillian Thrasher mean anything to you?

Lillian was a simple woman who loved the Lord.  She worked hard.  She was engaged to be married.  Then she heard the call of God.

Lillian felt called to go to Egypt and had to give it ALL up to go––even her name.  As she spoke with her fiancé about this call, he wanted nothing to do with it.  She lost the promise of marriage and taking a new name.  She lost the income support of the two jobs she held.  She lost her family’s support.  Even so, she moved to Assiout, Egypt in October of 1910.  Penniless and with no family to stand behind her as she pursued God’s call, she moved forward and established an orphanage for little Egyptian children.  She saw that they needed love, needed warmth, needed the love of a mother’s touch, and needed the Gospel message in their lives.


I will spare the amazing stories in which Lillian Thrasher defied odds and chanced losing everything, including her life, several times.  She worked in Egypt for 50 years (1911 to 1961) without a furlough (that is a break back to the States).  She was so consistent and faithful that they called her the “Mother of the Nile!” Finally, in 1961, Lillian passed on to eternity to be with with her Savior.  Due to the law of the land in Egypt, she was buried the same day that she died.  “Mama” is still buried in the cemetery at the orphanage.

That same orphanage is still operating today.  It is one of the few International “Humanitarian” Missions over a 100 years old.  More than 10,000 orphans and widows have come through the Thrasher Orphanage.  More than 10,000 have heard and received a touch of love through a dedicated staff.  More than 10,000 have heard the Gospel message through the legacy that was born on September 27, 1887––over 130 years ago.  That legacy had a name––Lillian Thrasher!

Lillian gave up the chance to marry and change her name.  Why?  Because her name was not as important as HIS name! Lillian made the choice to submit to HIM and have HIS name made famous.  John 12:32 tells us the words of Jesus.  “When I am high and lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me!”  When you focus on the name of Jesus and not your own name, the rewards are incredible!  The legacy lasts far longer than we could ever imagine.  The effect is exponential.  The name is made great! HIS name––Jesus Christ!

Today, let’s make HIS name more important!