Let Your Hair Grow Back

This morning in my reading my Bible, I was captivated by a verse (yet again) that I have read so many times throughout the years.

Judges 16:22, “But before long, his hair began to grow back.”

A little verse that stands out, like the whisper of a dear friend. You will miss if you do not pay attention to it. Let me explain…

Samson was a man that God had chosen to be a leader of the nation of Israel in Biblical Times. Before he was even born, God spoke to his mother to tell her that he was going to be a man that was dedicated to God and that he would rescue all of Israel. Samson was going quite the man, quite the leader, quite the emotional mess – almost ruining the plan of God for his own life.

Samson was quite the strong man, he once killed 1,000 men that had ganged up on him, with nothing more than the jawbone of a donkey carcass. He once snapped the ropes that were tied around his arms, like burnt rope. Once, his hair was woven into a loom, as he was attacked – he pulled his hair from the loom – without losing his hair. This dude was STRONG!

If you read his story in the Bible (Judges 13 – 16), you will find that the source of his strength was rooted (pun intended) in his hair. Now, I don’t understand why. Perhaps Samson was the original Patriarch of the Duck Dynasty Family, don’t know… But this is the way God intended it to be. This begs the idea that we think of why we possess certain gifts and abilities, and maybe people are looking at you and I and asking the question, “Why do they have the ability or gifts for that?” The only answer is that God placed them down deep in us. We move on…

Well once Samson’s enemies found out the source of his strength was his hair, they captured him and shaved his head. They did more to him, but you will have to read that for yourself (Judges 16:17-31). He found himself imprisoned, blind, humbled, and weak.

Then we hit this verse. Judges 16:22, “But before long, his hair began to grow back.” As his hair began to grow back, his strength began to come back. Today, I wonder if your “hair” has been cut off. I wonder if you find yourself in a place where you are imprisoned, blind, humbled, and weak. Your gifts and abilities seem like they have wasted away. You are a shell of the man or woman that you were once.

Guess what, “LET YOUR HAIR GROW BACK!” Samson was an emotional mess. I have been there, have you? You start on a trajectory that is right, it from the Lord, it is something that you know God spoke in your heart. Then somewhere along the way, you seem to start messing it all up. Maybe, someone else starts messing it up. Bottom line, it begins to get messed up. Look at this verse, “…his hair began to grow back.”

It is never to late to get back on right track. Listen to what the Lord has spoken to you. Never forget what he said! Remember, your hair will grow back!

You will make it if you listen to what God says about you…and you let your hair grow back!

Your strength will come back if you rest in the knowledge of who God called you to be, not what you feel others are saying about you!

Your gifts and abilities will once again make room for you, if you use them not for your achievement, your purpose, your plan, or your success – but His!

You will be again what you always dreamed of being!

You will be what God placed in your heart and soul to be!


Here it is…