What is up with all this Thankful stuff?

We recently just made a move to Upper Cape Cod, let me say – “Such a beautiful place!” It has been a great move, but with any move there are some really tough things that you have to deal with. Emotions, saying good-bye, letting go of your home, no longer being in your comfort zone, but most challenging is becoming thankful for things that you don’t necessarily understand – culture, business, restaurant hours, etc.

This has led me to the story of the 10 Lepers in scripture. This is found in Luke 17:11-19. I am so perplexed at the fact that Jesus healed 10 Lepers and only 1 come back to him to say “Thank You”. As I start to cast the stone of “How could you do that?”, I begin to think back in my life about 7 years ago… I was taken out for a full day of festivities for Christmas. The day culminated with a wonderful meal in downtown Naperville, IL. at a great restaurant (you know the restaurant that you only go to once a year or with a gift certificate!) I walked right past my Pastor that was paying for the whole day, not a word came from my heart, much less my mouth! After a quick lesson in the art of gratefulness, I have yet to forget that lesson learned!

As I reflect to that day, I think to myself, it wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful. It wasn’t even the fact that I didn’t like anything about the day. Simply, my attentions were turned to the fact that I was more consumed with my stomach and my entertainment mind being filled to the brim! I was focused on the wrong things of the day! I was totally consumed with my feelings of the day, than the fact that there was a huge blessing right in front of me. I was self-centered and focused on my full stomach!

Whether you find yourself in a new move, a new home, a new part of the country, in a new place in your walk with God; or simply coming out of one of those restaurants that you didn’t have to pay…make sure you have your attentions on the right place, the right things, even the right Person! Afterall, Jesus said to the Leper, that it was his faith that healed him! Guess what, it is our faith and gratefulness that keep the miracles coming!

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Thanks Pastor Steve, for teaching a lesson that keeps on teaching!