Recipe for Egg Nog…

My Wife, my best friend and I once made Egg Nog… Operative word is ONCE! The recipe that we got was for – seriously – 4 gallons! We had Egg Nog coming out of our ears and in to sauce pans, pots, empty 2 liter bottles, anything. Needless to say we threw away more Egg Nog than we kept, or should I say drank! Most of the time you would think that one would quickly be over Egg Nog in that kind of circumstance , not so for Justin and I. Just so you know, I have actually been able to pass the love for Egg Nog to my 7 yr. old son and my 2 yr. old daughter. We are an Egg Nog loving family – minus my wife!

I got to thinking about Egg Nog – being that is Christmas season and everything. Remember when you first tasted Egg Nog, it was kind of a “Bitter Sweet” experience. Half of it tasted “YUMMY”, the other half of it is kind of “YUCKY” (2-year-old words – my daughter may be reading this someday!)

How many things in life are like Egg Nog, YUMMY part of the way, YUCKY part of the way! Today I would like to give you a …

“Recipe for the Egg Nog in Life”

1) Love Much!

  • The Sinners! Remember Jesus said Love the sinner, hate the sin! To often we lump the sinner in with the sin. Jesus didn’t do that, He loved the sinner, and forgave the sin!
  • The Saints! Boy, isn’t it hard to love those that we sit with in the pews of our churches. Sometimes we forget to really take care of the brothers and sisters that we run the race with!

2) Forgive Often!

  • Talk about Half Yummy and Half Yucky!
  • We need to forgive those that have hurt us in the past, hence keeping us hurting in the present, No more letting people take up with free rent in the battle fields of our mind and hearts!
  • We need to forgive those that we don’t know well, but have had altercations with that we won’t let go!
  • Then how about those that we call friends and family! The old saying, “We hurt those we love the most!”

3) Worship Passionately!

  • In all that we do, not just our “Musical Worship” – we have to have passion! Sometimes passion is not loud, but it is always purposeful and direct. Think about the way you act, shop, drive, work in your job. Is it passionate for not just your boss, but for your Creator?
  • Let the action of your life be the true reflector of the one that you live your actions for!

These are pretty YUCKY things to walk through life in sometimes! But, these are very “YUMMY” things to learn in discipline in the long haul! The next time you get offered a glass of that thick, creamy, tangy Egg Nog – don’t just think about the how nice it tastes or how awful it tastes… Ask, Think, and Ponder…

  1. Who can I Love today?
  2. I am going to forgive today!
  3. Where do I need to shore up the worship in my life!

Merry Christmas! Try making your own Egg Nog this year, just not 4 Gallons of it!