Why Pray?

Remember the beverage commercial “Why ask why?”  It is important to ask and answer that question, “Why?”.

Why gives us purpose and reason. It validates the reason and meaning of what we are doing.  It can be the most important question we ever ask––especially if we are wandering in our faith!

Jesus answers the question “Why Pray?” in the book of Matthew  6:9–15.

Vs. 9 – We pray to keep our view of God correct––Holy!  HE IS NOT JUST A BEST FRIEND, BUT GOD WHO IS HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS!  He is God that loves and judges, but does it with His will in mind!

Vs. 10 – We pray to keep ourselves in the same frame of mind.  Heaven is waiting on us, but God wants us living the way He set things up in Heaven!  After all, WE WILL RULE AND REIGN WITH HIM ONE DAY!

Vs. 11 – We pray to stay nourished!  Spending time with the Father keeps us spiritually nourished and FED TO DO THE WORK OF THE FATHER!

Vs. 12 – We pray to ask forgiveness and to repent!  WITHOUT RELATIONSHIP, there can be no forgiveness and repentance!  We have to stay in relationship with Him to stay in the flow of grace!

Vs. 13 – We pray to keep ourselves out of temptations clutches!  IF WE ARE PRAYED UP THEN WE CAN SAY “NO” WHEN THE TEMPTATION TO SIN COMES OUR WAY!

Vs. 14&15 – We pray to learn how to forgive!  WE MUST FORGIVE IN ORDER TO BE CHRIST-LIKE!  Those that have been loved, must love! Those that have been forgiven, must forgive––at least 70 x 7!