How Far Is Too Far?

Have you crossed a line in your life? I am not talking about a white or yellow line on the highway or an out of bounds line on a court or a field. I am talking about a line in your heart that you knew you had taken something too far.

Raising a 9 and a half-year-old boy, this is something that we are walking through every day. Thank you Jesus, that my son is a great young man and that the lines he is experimenting with are not the lines I wish he would not flirt with. Let me be quick to say that adjusting to him growing up is not always an easy one for him or me! But––I wouldn’t trade him for anything––ever! I love him and the journey that God has given us. Now, let me get back to my point…

I find that crossing the line in the “wrong” direction comes with little outward anguish, and sometimes little fortitude to stand or walk away from that line. We love to cross it, push the limits, go too far! I am realizing, however, that Jesus didn’t struggle with crossing the wrong line.  He taught us to cross the other line––the right line!

How so, you may ask? Look at Matt. 26:36 “He went a little farther and bowed with his face to the ground praying!” He went a little further––TO PRAY!

He crossed the line in the right direction here to pray! He got away from all the non-sense of the world to do the right thing. Did He go too far? Nope, He went to the place where He needed to go!

Do you realize that He crossed another line? He took our place and died a sinner’s death so that you and I could live with Him for all eternity! Thank you Jesus, that it’s not necessarily how far I go, but how far You already went!