Come Face to Face with Jesus


Let me give you a thought this morning, “The King is Coming!” Imagine the feeling those Shepherds had hearing the angels proclaim of the birth of the Savior! Luke 2 shows us that they immediately began the journey to see the King with their own eyes! This morning, I would encourage you to look to Jesus. He is there for you and loves you so intensely that He came to this earth to live with you!

We are now 1 ½ weeks into the 2012 Christmas Season! Hustle and bustle, gifts, parties, family events, church gatherings, and on and on the list goes! We get so caught up in those events every year. Interesting thought is that the very first Christmas season came with a lot of fanfare as well. It is part of the holiday. However the fanfare wasn’t for shopping and meals, sizes and colors, latest toys, or Christmas Album; there was not much that we think of looking for today in our Christmas Season. The fanfare was really worship––worship for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in human form, the baby Jesus!

When the Angels appeared to the Shepherds, the shepherds immediately went to find the Christ child. They stopped everything. They were even ceremonially unclean. That didn’t stop them from finding a way to come face to face with Jesus.

Today, stop what you are doing, immediately find a way to be face to face with Jesus! He will change your life! He will save your life! He will give you life! He truly is LIFE!


Merry Christmas!