Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen!” This week during our staff prayer time, God brought this verse to my mind and I just began to pray the prayer of faith for my family (both wife and kids, as well as our church family)! As I prayed this passage of scripture, I believe the Lord gave me a couple points of insight that I would like to share with you this morning!

1st – Faith is the catalyst in our life to have us watch the hand of God move on our behalf. Faith is the reassurance that God is at work in the situation that seems unmovable. Faith is the “nudge” in which we begin to act on the belief that “the One who started a work in us, will be faithful to complete that work!”

2nd“The substance of things hoped for…” Substance is the matter of which something is made. Think about this with me…what are you made of…better yet, Who were you fashioned after? “Let us make man in Our image!” You are fashioned after God who created the universe! How amazing is that! Someone said to me this week that they felt like a disaster every time they went to the Word. I quickly reminded them that “God is closest to the broken and contrite heart”––that is right where God wants you. You feel like a disaster? AWESOME! God is getting ready to make a mighty move of faith!

3rd –  “…the evidence of things not yet seen!” What do you see in our church? What do you see in your family? What do you see in your your circumstance? Do you see God anywhere? Do you see any evidence that He is working in the scenes? Remember, faith is evidence. Sometimes you have to look for evidence––the little signs––the little points that God is at work! Even in the midst of the “stay at home” advisory and the spread of the virus. Your Faith can increase, and be apart of the increase of God’s presence all over the world during this time!

This week, why don’t we all pray for God to increase our faith! In essence, we are asking Him to increase our matter––our substance! Then you are asking Him to increase the evidence of His moving in and around us! Guess what? He wants too!

Praying for you & with you! Let’s keep increasing our faith in Him, and decreasing the you and me! Have a faith-filled week!