So Much More!

So Much More

Have you ever looked at the life of someone that you used to know very well, but grew out of touch due to time or location? Today I was going back over some old photos and videos from my Youth Ministry days, and found some very fond emotions tucked away as I watched these priceless gems!

Some of my former students are now engaged, married, some have their own kids, some are in the ministry, some are making a big difference in the world. The sad fact was that some had just floundered, some I have no idea where they are at, some have even chosen a life of despair and agony – choosing not to follow after the things of God – instead for the worldly distractions that leave emptiness and lost-ness.

This got me to thinking about what my life has become. What do others feel or see when they see an old photo or video of some crazy thing I did in my younger years? My hope is that they say to themselves, “WOW, he sure has become a great husband, father, coach, leader, etc…” I know not all see that, but I hope that is truly what is happening – regardless! But then, I realize that the most important person thinking about me – are not the people from my past, they are not even the people in my present. I dare say that the most important people thinking about me – are not even those that I share the same last name or that I call family.

The most important person in my life that is thinking about me is Jesus! He cares about me and thinks about more than I could possibly fathom. And He does for you as well! Here are some of the things that He thinks about regarding you and I…

Is. 43:4, “I Love You!” – He Loves Us!

Is. 43:1, “I call you by name, you are mine!” – He wants to have relationship with Us!

John 1:12, “To those that believe, have the right to be called son and daughters.” – We are family to Him!

Is. 43:4, “You are precious…” – We have great worth and are desirable to Him!

Romans 5:8, “…but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – He gave His life for us!

Well, here’s to all the students that braved mission trips, summer camps, holiday outings, Tuesday or Wednesday night services, silly games, story of things long forgotten, on and on. When I think of you I smile, I cry, I laugh, I marvel, I wonder what I did to be so fortunate to have known you… 






But regardless of what I think, He thinks so much more highly of you and loves you so much more than I could ever fathom!

Oh how He loves YOU!