Here for you, from Far Away!!!

I have a two friends that are Uncle/Nephew to each other. The Uncle lost his mother, and the nephew lost his grandmother. One lives in the US, the other out of our country. Both of them are men who love Jesus and have given their lives in different capacities to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation! Both are men that I love, respect, and have traveled quite a few miles of the journey of life with, and I would do it again.

As I was texting with one of my friends, this just rolled off of my fingertips…

Here for you, from FAR AWAY!!!!

When I typed this closure of a response to my friend, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me and say…

Son, I am here for you, from FAR AWAY!!!!

Let me explain, the last 61 days have been some of the most trying moments of my life. Change, Pain, Separation, Loss, and a few other painful words that represent the journey called life. Then to hear of 2 of my friends saying goodbye to the matriarch of their family… It has been a year the last 2 months.

Yet in the penning of “Here for you, from FAR AWAY”…

I was simply trying to be there for my friend, yet I needed someone to say to me, I am here for you. I was dealing with change, pain, separation, loss and a few other painful words that represent the journey of life right now in my world. I needed a friend. I needed to not be alone.

In the spirit of transparency, I had taken my lunch time to just pray. Turned the lights off in my office, open the blinds to let the Florida sunshine in, lit a candle, and turned on a playlist of worship music. The 1st 5 worship songs (list was on random order), were titled “I Speak Jesus”, “Give Me Jesus”, “Don’t Lose Heart”, “You Won’t Relent”, and “How He Loves”… As I paced the floor of my office, may I tell you that tears flooded, and the Noah’s ark stopped by for a swim. The presence to the Holy Spirit filled my soul, covered my wounded spirit, and filled my cup to running over! It was precious!!! Then I messaged my friend, as my spirit was being touched and healed in the presence of Jesus!

Friends, we are in a time of life, trying to meet so many demands that are quite honestly, more than any of us can do in our own human capacity. Then we are… Doing it alone. Doing it afraid. Doing it empty. These days bring us the opportunity to usher people to Jesus, but in our pain, emptiness, fear, and loss…

We have to lean into The One that gives us water that will never run dry.

We have to trust in The One that will never leave us nor forsake us.

We have to have relationship with The One who is the Creator of all of us! ALL OF US!!!!

We have to breathe in the wonder and the power of The One who loves us so much, He died for us!

We have to speak the name of The One that is Power, Healing, and is Life!!!!!

Will you join me in your pain, emptiness, fear, and loss – in leaning and trusting and being in relationship, and breathing, and speaking the name that is higher than any other name – JESUS!!!!

Jesus wants to be there for you, not from a distance, but right next to you! He desires to be with you every waking moment of every day, and in every circumstance! He wants, Just to Be Close to You…

So, He is here for you, FAR AWAY or RIGHT CLOSE BY!!!!!

By the Way, my friends Mother/Grandmother – guess what – she is with JESUS TODAY!!!!!