I Met 3 Warriors Today…

Today in the GREAT State of Texas, I met 3 warriors. I would like to tell you about them…

The 1st Warrior, wow what a warrior he is! At the age of 15 & 16 & 17, he made a series of bad decisions. Drugs, Alcohol, Rebellion, and Anger caused him to lose his freedom and spend time in the the Juvenile Courts, “Juvy” Detention, and then as the Judge said to him, “Big Boy Jail”. So he joined the Army, then became an Army Ranger and served in US Special Operations for over 10 years. In his post military career, went back into a life of mischief, then Christ changed his life. Now he Pastors one of the nations largest Prison Ministries, and completely has an ETERNAL lease on his call. He said to me today, “I am ADDICTED to Prison Ministry!” He went from fighting the law, to fighting for freedom, to taking it to the enemy of our souls! As of today, I get to call him friend!

The 2nd Warrior, wow what a warrior he will be! This warrior is young, and still finding his way. At age 15 & 16 & 17, he made a series of decisions that didn’t land in jail behind metal bars, but has landed him behind bars of an emotional and spiritual nature. He is plagued with rejection, insecurity, fear, and loneliness. He is surrounded by people that desire to see the King work in him and through him, but haunted by a past of mediocrity and lack of excellence. He feels like he doesn’t measure up in many avenues of his life, yet he hears all the time that he is Kings, and that there is a plan that will be great, if he will simply stay on His path. He is going from “How will I make it, to I hope I make it, to I know the King is not giving up on me – I WILL MAKE IT! This warrior is finding his identity, and you will know him soon enough!

The 3rd Warrior, wow he doesn’t feel like a warrior most days, because he feels like inside the armor he wears, there is just child. Scared, humbled, confused, paralyzed by fear, called by God, overcoming the noise of his own mind, ready for the calling and the passions to line up, hoping, yearning, grasping for constant truth, longing for a relationships that surpass the surface of life, and so many other self afflicted wounds. Yet with all of it, he has a confidence, still that the King has called him and desires to fulfill that call. This warrior, is me.

Today, I realize that warriors come in all shapes and sizes, in all stages of life. Warriors believe they are never out of the fight. You see the warrior keeps on fighting and never gives up. The warrior never surrenders. The warrior doesn’t leave their brother behind. The warrior carries the warrior that is wounded, broken, on his last breath. The warrior gives quickly and receives only what he has to in order to live another day. The warrior is not afraid to stoop to a place of humility and service, and not afraid to give their life for another. The warrior doesn’t keep a record of wrong, but lives his life in love. The warrior fights for the heart of the King, because the King is LOVE. The warrior is powerful, because the warrior’s King is LOVE! The warriors greatness is not in his own ability, but in the GREATNESS of the KING!

You see the 2nd and 3rd Warrior, want to be like the 1st Warrior, fiercely fighting for the King.

The 2nd Warrior is on his way to being like Warrior #1, as he fights for the King.

The 3rd Warrior is simply try to stay in the fight for the King.

But here is the real TRUTH…

All three of us are SIMPLY the King’s Sons!!!

The King loves His Sons, and simply wants the Sons to keep their eyes on Him!

Because, the King is Worthy!

Because the Sons lead the way to the King!

Because the King gave His life for them!

Because the King is Love!

So how about it WARRIOR – SON… Never Give Up, Never Surrender, Never Quit! You are more than an overcomer!