Joshua OR Gideon OR You

I have been camped out in the stories of Gideon and Joshua for weeks now. What started off prepping for Bible Class at HCA (, turned into an all-out assault on studying and really getting to know Joshua and Gideon. Now I have read, spoke on, studying, memorized, and taken countless notes on both of this men for close to 30 years; but I was amazed at some things that popped out to me this time around.


Now that you have learned a brief lesson in Old Testament Bible found in Joshua 6 and Judges 7, I want to point something out to you. Whether you have arrived as Joshua had, or you are learning on the job as Gideon did; GOD WANTS TO USE YOU! And He wants to use you MIGHTILY!

ManIf you don’t feel like you measure up to the Christian that has been following Christ for a while, much less the men and women that we read about in Scripture, know that you don’t have to measure up. If you feel as though you may never accomplish the feats of God the way the pages of the Bible show them accomplished, remember that those the Bible tells about were once learning and not yet “HEROES of the FAITH.”

Regardless of where you find yourself today, like Joshua or like Gideon – God would say to you…

God to Gideon – “Be strong and Courageous, for I am with you wherever you go!” Joshua 1:9

God to Joshua – Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!” Judges 6:12

So there, go be used MIGHTILY TODAY!